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stand up MRI machine in East Brunswick, NJ

June 12, 2022


The new, comfortable way of getting an MRI

Choosing a diagnostic center to get MRI done is an important decision. MRI scanning is a very time-taking process; it requires much patience to lay down in one place for hours to get the work done. For many people, MRI and body checkups are scary and lead to claustrophobia and nervousness; these patients find difficulty in laying down relaxed and in one position. Therefore, getting your MRI done by a stand up MRI machine in East Brunswick, NJ, is recommended.

Why stand-up MRI?

Patients often feel uneasy being laid down in tight, clumsy spaces for an extended period. For patients with backache, spinal cord pain, spondylitis, or any other kind of pain in the dorsal region, lying down for an extended period is quite painful and stressful. The pain does not allow the patient to remain still, and the wrong posture may lead to erroneous results. A stand-up MRI is an alternative to the traditional method; it is comfortable and easy to go with. It allows the patients to be diagnosed in many body postures, extension, flexion, and weight-bearing, i.e., you need not lay in one posture for hours.

What does it scan?

Like the normal MRI, this method can also scan any part of the body, the brain, stomach, or intestine. The spine and joint areas are mainly used for imaging through this method because it helps in viewing them in weight-bearing and flexing states. Therefore, through imaging, the doctors understand the level of injury and treat it accordingly.

The things to make sure of before MRI

This must be noted that an MRI imaging is not for every type of problem. It must be taken by the patients having any artificial material in the body, such as pacemakers, fracture rods, ear implants, metal fragments in the body, brain stimulators, and any other metal piece.

About us

We have over years of zeal and passion for providing drive-through technology. Our trained engineers strive hard to provide world MRI technology. Our machine ensures high standards of patient-centric care. We have equipped our clinic with the most modern technology for comfortable and precise imaging. Call us or book your slot online; you can contact our customer care executive for any query.  Once you are ready for imaging, you will be provided with all the details. Start with us today!

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