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luxury Safari holiday

Choose the right accommodation for your luxury Safari holiday

Your luxury safari vacation is not limited to the type of tent you can take with you. You do not need to sleep on the floor or even share amenities with other guests. It really depends on what you are willing to spend and how you are willing to spend it; There are more luxurious rooms at a standard price, and only those who really want to get into trouble will sleep on the tent floor.

You have several safari accommodations options. Here are the options:


If you need a typical safari resort then this hotel would be the right choice for you. These are just ordinary hotels scattered throughout the landscape, often with fantastic views and safaris that depart from the hostel, so you don’t have to make any extra effort to get your Penwell Safaris to take place. They will also offer typical spa facilities such as swimming pools, shops, spas and restaurants, rather than a camp aimed at its depletion. It is important to determine if your accommodation is close to the wildlife that you would like to see, because you cannot travel as far as if you changed your place more easily.


Many of Africa’s most popular accommodation options are tents. Although you will sleep under a canvas tent, you will still enjoy all the luxury you can afford. Camping is usually just a luxury hotel room inside a tent; you will still have a large room with a luxurious bed and a bathroom; The same goes with a tent to remind you that you are truly in Africa. Some campgrounds move a bit to track migratory wildlife, but all of this will be clarified before you reserve your time there.

bush camps

3.Bush Camps

If you are not looking for a luxury hotel, but for a unique African experience, most likely a forest camp for you. This is an ideal way to get to know the remote African shrub, as many shrub camps are located in the most remote places and can really make your trip more personal. This is due to the fact that many of the bush camps are privately owned, so you will often be given the opportunity to meet with the owner and take care of his needs more closely than in a larger network complex. Bush camps are free of all the design and cookie noises, so you will have a friendly, personalized service from people who really love the African desert.

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