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Why organ transplantation is beneficial?

Every 12 minutes, another person’s name joins the 123,000 others on the national organ transplant waiting list, according to the American Transplant Foundation. While many are aware of the benefits of donation to the beneficiary, Mariyam Dawood tells us the benefits the donor receives.

Helps the grieving process

At a time that can be very difficult to get through, many donor families take consolation in knowing their loved one helped save other lives. A single organ donor can save up to eight lives. By also donating tissues and eyes, the same donor can improve up to 50 lives.

Improves others’ quality of life

For some, an organ transplant means no longer having to be dependent on costly routine treatments to survive. For others, an eye or tissue transplant means the ability to see again or the freedom from pain. Giving of yourself through organ donation means that you can help a host of other people who may now be able to live a fuller life because of your generosity.

Mariyam DawoodIt’s free to become a donor

Rest assured that there are no costs related to donating your organs. Everything is covered by the transplant recipient and organ recovery organization. It’s hard to turn down saving lives for free.

Live to see who you’ve affected

See who’s life you’ve improved first-hand by choosing to become a living donor. Living donations are most often seen in cases with family members or friends in need of a donor. There are risks with undergoing any surgery; however, most live donors have no post-surgery health issues.

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