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Proxy server and things, you should know

There are many benefits of using a proxy server. It is very important that people should understand why they areneededa proxy and how it works to protect their data. Proxy, when used, sits in between client and server,and it works on behalf of the client. So, it will send and receive data to the server and received data will be given back to the client. So, from the server side, the server will not be able to find the IP address of the client and client remains anonymous.

This is one of the reasons why proxy is being used. But there are many other advantages of proxy.

Filtering the requests:

When a client uses a proxy to get some access for a website, it is possible to put some restriction here. So, people in the network can be restricted to use certain websites by using proxy settings. So, in a company, it is possible to restrict the employees from accessing certain websites like social media which may reduce their productivity. Along with that, it is possible to avoid websites which may damage the entire network.

Proxy for Protection:

In case if the user directly accesses some information on the Internet through his IP address, it is possible to provide complete security. So, he will always be at risk and hackers can hack the IP address anytime.

But when he uses a proxy, IP address will be unknown to others and the user will be safe from external servers. There will be some additional security measures like the firewall in proxy and users will be provided with double protection.

proxy browser

Increased performance:

Most of the proxies make use of cached data. So, there will be data which is cached in the proxy browser,and it will have details of earlier browsing. So, the person who is present in the same network requests for the same data or website access then the proxy will directly provide it. Through this, it is possible to enhance the performance of the network since there is no need for the client to request the data to the Internet every time.

Location for business:

In case if the business is international and it wants to portray different information for different visitors of the site, this can be achieved through a proxy server. Based on the location it can provide the right information for the user. Initially, it will detect the location of the user and then it will pick and give the right content for them.

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