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commercial hvac contractors minneapolis mn

Mechanical ventilation: for your home to breathe!

A mechanical ventilation system consists of two distinct parts: it can extract air from the outside of a home or introduce outside air into the home. Air extraction removes odors, excess moisture, and pollutants contained in the ambient air of the home. The introduction of outside air makes it possible to replace stale air with clean air. These two simultaneous actions help to renew regularly the indoor air that you breathe.

commercial hvac contractors minneapolis mnWhat is the problems related to insufficient ventilation?

Insufficient commercial hvac contractors minneapolis mn ventilation inevitably leads to excessive humidity caused by showers, baths, and cooking activities. Excessive humidity inside a home can cause many problems such as condensation in windows, premature deterioration of the home and the proliferation of molds harmful to your health.

The second aspect of inadequate or deficient ventilation is the increase in the concentration of contaminants (chemical and biological) in the air. For example, heavy DIY, furniture stripping, the use of a combustion device, or other similar activity quickly degrade indoor air quality when ventilation is inadequate.

Note that indoor air contamination can also be controlled by limiting the source of indoor pollutants. Storage of paint or cleaning products in large quantities is usually an easily preventable source of contamination.

What are the problems associated with excessive ventilation?

Any excess is to be avoided. Thus excessive ventilation also brings its share of problems. An oversized system will solve all the problems of contamination but one must be aware that in winter excessive ventilation will introduce a lot of cold air and a lot of very dry air into the house. This will result in discomfort caused by cold drafts and a high heating bill. In addition, too dry air can be the cause of health problems such as dry eyes or nosebleeds.

What are the points to consider when choosing a ventilation device?

Evaluate the required air extraction rates and select a device capable of extracting and introducing air at this rate. Have the flow rates measured and balanced during installation. Preferably choose a heat recovery ventilator (HRV); it will keep the energy bill of your home to an acceptable level. Note that the installation of an HRV is now mandatory for all new construction in Quebec. Make sure the unit and ducts are accessible at all times for regular maintenance and cleaning. Use rigid and waterproof ducts. Keep the ductwork in good condition. Always have the airtightness of your home assessed by an expert before purchasing and installing any ventilation device.

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