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free proxy

Getting the best protection for the IP address


The IP address proves to be a unique set which identifies the computer online. It can also work as the best home address for the computer. One can choose to go with the free web proxy as well as can be also associated with the VPN service allowing one to hide the IP address. One can be pretty sure that the IP cannot get identified and tracked. One can simply choose to enter the one wants to visit. This can be done in the connection setup menu which can be a right menu to get the access to the cookies, help to remove scripts as well as encrypt the URL. One needs to remember to encrypt the URL which can also help a lot to hide an address itself. Free proxy can give access to all websites.

free proxy

Getting the full encrypted connection

It can give one the right encrypted connection which can be made Accessible with the help of a VPN. Web proxies are available to be used to help get access to the sites which are always vulnerable to be blocked. This mostly occurs due to the wrong geographical location which can sometimes be also associated with the censorship blocks. Many internet surfers can go with the use of which can help the web proxy to access all kinds of sites. This can be also a right strategy which can help one get access to Facebook or YouTube.


 This is the best idea applied when one is unable to access in the home country. However, one needs to be pretty sure that there are no guarantees. The guarantees cannot be set for the particular website that can find its ability to work with a proxy. At times one can be sure that there is a  need for a VPN.  a proxy allows appearing at a location no matter if someone is located elsewhere.

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