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ganesh ramalingam

Help people who are in need

Charity work is something that you give what you have to some people who don’t have anything. ¬†This work cannot be done by all people, in order to do these kinds of helping works a person needs kind heart and helping tendency in nature. There are thousands of charity organizations available all over the world, among them some organizations get government help and some organizations run on their own effort.

ganesh ramalingam

Sources for charities:

Charity organizations can get money for helping needy people by two ways, the first way is from the followers who truly believes the organizations and the second way is from their country’s government. in order to receive funds from government a charity must apply for a grant. There is also an another option to save money, you can replace the paid labors with the volunteers who can really want o help people. these are some of the sources from where the charity organization can get money from.

It is impossible to focus on all the needy people in your country hence it is better to select some certain area or some certain type of people like mentally disabled or handicap people like this. this will greatly help them to get what they need.

There are many people with good heart are going these kinds of chrity works among them dr ganesh ramalingam who is a doctor in singapore. He and his wife lisa are truly into these charity works and help many people  who are in need.

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