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Get your favourite animes in a stress freeshop throughout Japan

Enormous lovers of animes that can never get sufficient of it, but outside Japan, it is still challenging to get clench of the official merchandise. That’s the reason behind trips to Japan are the seamless opportunity to store up on all the trademark’s goodies. As fine as having the Mamma Aiuto shop at the Ghibli Museum, the studio has combined up with the Benelic group to generate Donguri, a chain of stores almost completelydevoted to the brand merchandise.It is apparently an indispensable pilgrimage for all fans, made stress-free by the suitable location of the shops throughout Japan.

The major thing you typically see when arriving the Ghibli shops is a massive Totoro. You can get maximum of the products in all the shops, but certain items are only accessible in a selection of stores.The shops are anecstasy for young and old: chiefly soft toys and figurines of all sizes, but there is also a surfeit of bags, key rings, crockery, linen, fixtures and instruments of all kinds, and numerous other substances with designs from the Miyazaki and Takahata pictures in precise. There is also a moderatelyextensive baby range and, of course, you can also purchase all the films on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Studio Ghibli

The greatest popular typescripts are undoubtedly Totoro, Mei, Jiji, Ponyo, and the robot from Laputa or Chihiro’s No Face. All the kawaii ambassadors are there as well, but they do not outshine dozens of other images from the maximumgeneralarticle films. To reassure you to buy, the stores play soundtracks from the Ghibli movies on a hoop.Certain people might treasure the values a bit steep, but they are frequently in line with added types of official shops. For travellers who want to get left from the variety of items in the 100-yen shops, Donguri permits you to take home remembrances and gifts which are unique, candid items and not too exclusive.

Particular stores also have a Donguri Bank – in Japanese, donguri means acorn. The awareness is that people bring in acorns they have composed, which are taken to Okawa, a village apparently the smallest in Shikoku to help replanting, a project very beloved to Miyazaki’s heart. For every hundred acorns, the buyer is eligible to get an oak sapling in recurrence once a year, in spring.

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