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An Overview of Sims Game

February 20, 2019


An Overview of Sims Game

However, there are several similar casual games that try to cover many topics, as well as the mechanisms that have become popular in the Sims, and also, fortunately, for a small part of the cost.

These types of casual games can be classified equally:

Games controlled by time or strategic games, but to a greater extent they can be considered simulation games, especially of the series of life simulators. They focus on what you need to do when you enter the “real world”, where you have to get a job, find a place to live, go to college, get into relationships, etc., and all mundane things like food as well as fun yourself.

The games are usually held exclusively in a small autonomous city, where everything you need is within walking distance. The progress in these games, invariably, requires you to improve and even improve the jobs, upgrade to huge apartments, and fill the apartments of these people along with as many gadgets and luxury items as possible. In fact, this is a method to “experience” another way of life, based on what you have in real life, perhaps choosing another career or risking what you missed.

Sims 4 is probably one of the best casual games with life simulation at the moment. Its main advantage is the wide variety of options it has when it comes to a career, as well as the lifestyle option that allows you to create any life story you can think of.

sims 4 free

Although the premise is the same, sims 4 free focuses more on your personal needs compared to the growth of your career. You will continue to advance in the chosen professional scale, but there are fewer options, as well as the requirement to complete the course: just spend some time in college and get work experience.

The focus is on the amount of your happiness, hunger, energy, health and fun

You will spend most of the time running around the city, trying to maintain those levels. You also need to achieve a balance in your activities: dancing can improve your health and your fun, but your energy and your hunger will win. In addition, you can buy a variety of consumer goods that will help you manage these levels while you spend the weekend relaxing at home. It is this game of wants and needs that drives the game, and you still need to be able to work and learn!


The mechanics of real needs and requirements revolve around the amount of time you must do per day. If it ends all day and your hunger and fatigue levels are too high, you can start the next day with less free time. In this game you also have rivals: old friends who establish the same immediate objectives, while you and you must reach these types of objectives before they really reach and can see more in

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