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Space for all your needs

Whether you own a luxurious house or a small and cozy one. A little extra space is all that we need. With cities turning into urban jungles, storage and workspaces are pretty hard to find. But with EBC Lifestyle Hub you get the most affordable work and storage space for rent singapore. EBC is Singapore’s leading hub for work, leisure and storage.

Creating the space you need

EBC Lifestyle Hub was set up to offer an all-in-one place to work, store goods and chill out with friends and business associates. Our highly affordable working spaces are ideal for businesses that are looking to set up offices with minimal capital expenditure.

Our affordable and unique storage spaces are perfect for both temporary and long-term storage. Our Club facilities offer the perfect balance between work and leisure.

work and storage space for rent

Being Singapore’s most competitive storage space providers, we offer best in class facilities and perks. With EBC you get:

Top-Notch Infrastructure

We are fitted with a covered car park, ramps, easy access points, spacious cargo lifts and wide walkways to make loading and unloading an effortless affair.

Top-notch Security

Our storage facility is monitored round-the-clock by closed-circuit television. All our self-storage units come with a personal access code or access card. Our security systems record every entry and exit.

A complete lifestyle hub

At EBC we are equipped to provide you with a sky garden, clubhouse, childcare centre, and much more. So come relax and chill with EBC Storage units.

If you’re looking for a work and storage space for rent in Singapore then EBC is surely the answer for you.

company registration hk

December 29, 2019


What to Know About Company Formation Service and Employment Visa Application?

Are you looking for company formation services? If yes, then you need to be aware of some things. Through company formation service, you can adopt high professional quality company registration and corporation services in an effective way.If some people do not know about the company formation service, then those people can take information through the internet. You can go with company registration hk for understanding the complete details about the services and employment visa.

company registration hkIf you want to get your company registered within Hong Kong or want to get a visa for work, then you have to pay attention to a service that can provide it to you in a short time and will give you system support.

Establish Business Presence

Hong Kong has become an opportunity for business persons or employees. There are many investors that are investing their money in Hong Kong, and they are getting a lot of benefits. The company formation service helps to promote your company with backup support. The people of Hong Kong are engrained and known for competitive business-oriented.

The companies are generating business contacts through the best working environment. You can build the image in marketing by choosing the best company formation services.The individuals those want to expand their business in overseas they can take advantages from company formation services.

Visa application process

This is a kind of process for business persons who want to invest overseas. If you want to invest in overseas for taking more benefits in your business, then it is beneficial to take help of the company formation services and take help of the consultancy to get the work permit.

safe pesticides

December 29, 2019


Being Safe when using Pesticides

The good news is that you can provide quick and effective pest eradication in your home while maintaining the health and general well-being of your family and those closest to you. All you have to do is find out about the various products that exist and what are the safest rates for home use.

Generally speaking, for the regular control of pests such as cockroaches, ants, and bugs, the family of pesticides known as pyrethroids is incredibly safe. In fact, most products in the current market that contain these products are third or fourth generation and have been used for decades without incident.

safe pesticides

Although safe pesticides hong kong are beneficial and certainly have their place, if you have small children at home, you can think of natural and organic pest management solutions. Substances such as boric acid and diatomaceous earth are in many ways as powerful, versatile and useful as chemical pesticides, but they are completely harmless, even if they enter the body in fairly large quantities,gather more details at


Another thing that many people seem to forget when they do their own pest control job is that not everything comes down to flying in a room with splashes and grooming. You should also focus on cleaning and try not to make your home an attractive place for these pests to hide and nest. It will be much longer to do this with the use of pesticides and traps in order to not only remove pests from your home, but also to keep your family healthy and in the process.

IT guy resumes

December 29, 2019


Why didn’t you get this job? Some main reasons

Many different factors influence success or failure when looking for a job. It is almost impossible to predict the reasons for rejecting an application if you do not receive feedback from the recruiter.  So why didn’t I get a job?. If you have not been informed about the reasons for refusal, please refer to the list of possible reasons for rejecting your CV check on

Your CV did not attract the recruiter’s attention

In order for you to be noticed in a competitive job market, your resume must stand out from hundreds or thousands of others. Even if you have extensive professional experience in your CV, you still need to make your résumé catch the recruiter’s attention. A good CV presents skills and experience tailored to the job description in a clear and concise form Main webpage

IT guy resumesYour cover letter was not convincing

If the employer has received a large number of responses to his job offer, he must narrow down the group of candidates by eliminating those who have not sufficiently justified the reason for applying for a given position. A well-written cover letter is important when applying for a job just below your qualifications. You can mention in it that you want to deepen your experience in a specific industry or sector. An unclear justification for the motivation to work may lead the recruiter to reject your CV.

You couldn’t show what you could do

Consider how you presented your competences, knowledge, and experience during the interview. Did you gather information about the company where you are applying for a job before meeting with the recruiter? During the interview, did you properly highlight your skills that may be useful in the position you are applying for? To prepare well for the recruitment interview, develop strong examples of your professional achievements that illustrate your competences.


December 27, 2019


It is time to get your tracks pants with ease

T shirts occupy an important place in the dailylifestyle of the youngsters. Because it is trendy and at the same time very convenient. This is the reason why it is so popular among the younggeneration but today you could see everyone wearing it. In order to make it unique you may need to buy the printed t shirts which can be attractive. The designs are pointed on the t shirt front and you could get any design that you need. It is important to look at the ชุดไปงานแต่งกลางวัน กางเกง that is famous for the group dresses.

Get it through online


Today the online communication has grown to a greater extent and hence you can buy anything you need without even crossing your doorstep. In addition purchasing your trendy track pants that you use for jogging daily has many implications. It is easy to find out a multi purpose track pant through the online stores but in the retail shops, it takes a lot of time to time out one such pant. If you need the แบบเสื้อยืดสีดำ then it is done within a short period of time by the online stores.

This track pant contains a new design in which you could find out two lines in the knee portion. This helps to give a great look during your jogging session and at the same time you can wear it during your outdoor jogging. There are no issues while using this track because it is highly comfortable to the user.


Bitcoin in practice

To drive or take delivery of bitcoins, you will require a digital wallet. You will have to choose between two types of solutions. Either you do not trust anyone, which is in the spirit of bitcoin, in which case you install a small free application on your machine. You will then be responsible for ensuring the security of your wallet. Either you decide to trust your online provider who claims to take charge of securing your digital nest egg. In both cases, however: zero formality! The software  bitcoin price today  (or online service) then assigns you a first address in the form of a public alphanumeric key that does not reveal your identity but is the equivalent of a Temporary RIB.

Bitcoin in practice

Acquire bitcoins (BTC); two solutions are available to you

Either you have your first bitcoins sent to you by someone who already has them, by sending them your public key. Against your first bitcoin In a few clicks, alpaca socks, iPads will be yours.

Perhaps a question is bothering you. But why would  bitcoin price today have value? The answer is the same as for any other currency. What gives them value is the confidence we can have in being able to exchange them with a growing community.

For geeks only! – how does bitcoin work?

Understanding the details of the bitcoin protocol requires advanced knowledge of cryptography and distributed processing. Consequently, we will have to be satisfied here with a simple sketch, and we will suppose besides known to the reader the basics of public-key cryptography.


Learn What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin are the latest expansion to the benefit exchanging game. The advantages incorporate stocks, prospects, and Forex. The exchanging procedure is straightforward but the way toward exchanging isn’t.

Numerous options dealers approach it as a betting endeavor. That is OK if that is your objective. You will have a 50/50 possibility of winning 80%. To the extent I’m concerned, those chances smell. You will lose the entirety of your money.

Little training goes far, strikingly with better bitcoin price, since the outcomes rush to come. You can get rich or poor rapidly. If you should figure, at any rate speculate.

Bitcoin Price

Before you exchange, at any rate set aside the effort to understand the game

The business sectors as a rule are liable to tried and true laws, like the law of gravity. Nothing can escape the forces of gravity. Alright, it’s somewhat more confounded than that, but straightforward standards demonstrate quite a bit of Bitcoin market development.

If it’s not too much trouble set aside the effort to learn and understand the basic ideas on this page. Bitcoin exchanging is the most straightforward type of exchanging market value activity. If you find out about help, obstruction and patterns you will be route in front of the pack. The best Bitcoin frameworks and Bitcoin sign depend on value activity.

Bitcoin exchanging is absolutely theoretical:

In spite of the fact that dealers allude to as contributing, the main role of these options is to theorize on the value development of specific resources. Select stocks, items, and Forex sets are the benefits exchanged on the different stages.


Reasons why you should attend a fashion show

A fashion event is where famous designers from different countries meet and share their ideas. This is probably the best opportunity to find out the main fashion trends in the world.

They feature exclusive collections of various types of Indian clothing, including casual and formal wear. If you need more reasons to attend a fashion event, here are a few reasons to consider:

Enrich your knowledge

One of the main reasons you should attend fashion event press release is because you have the opportunity to stimulate new ideas and think creatively in order to grow your business. Communicate with the main personalities of the fashion industry, follow what they do, share your ideas with them and collaborate. This will certainly help you think about your business from a completely different perspective, which will lead to guaranteed success.

fashion event press release

Stay up to date with market trends

One of the key techniques for the success of your business initiative is to have a clear idea of ​​what your customers think and what they expect from you. If you do not know your demand and current fashion trends in the market, you will not be able to design clothes that meet the requirements of your customers. Find out what’s fading, what’s fashionable, and what you need to focus on right now.

Get fame

While you attend a big fashion event, you can get fame. Some of the leading Indian fashion designers attend these events. Communicating with them, you can inform them about your business ideas and request their comments. In addition, you can also get media coverage. Since such events are covered by the media, it is likely that they know your business.


December 5, 2019


Bitcoin trading software

Using bitcoin trading software, you can also easily and in real time track the value of the underlying asset. You can also easily determine if the operation you made is worth the money and whether it will be worth it or not. Another possibility that you will have when using the software is to enter several transactions and then track them all at the same time. You can also easily see the expected payment amount in these transactions as prices continue to move.

Ability to take your income

Another advantage that bitcoin trading software provides is the ability to take your income and check your balance as quickly as possible. You can also very easily deposit money into your account. No complicated procedures are required to deposit or withdraw money from your bitcoin trading account. The software gives you complete control over your bitcoin trading platform. However, you must ensure that your broker allows you to access funds with absolute ease.


The main disadvantage that can arise when working with bitcoin price trading software is that it works only with the use of technical indicators. This means that you will not be able to take into account such things as market models, reversals and important new issues that may affect the assets with which you trade. As a result, you cannot count on making a profit with a profit of more than 70 percent, since this usually happens when you work manually. Even if your operations have a longer validity period, overcoming this stock will still be very difficult.

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