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What You Need to Know About Investing in Australia or Canada

As a business owner, you only want one thing – business growth. If you think that you are ready to initiate business overseas, you have to choose your market well. You can, for instance, consider investor visa australia or start up visa in Canada. This way, you get to enjoy doing business and ensure the welfare of the family.

Understanding the Business Innovation and Investment visa

The Business Innovation and Investment visa or also called Subclass 188 is a segment of Business Innovation and Investment Programme. You will be given different investment options like the following:
1. Business Innovation: this is for business owners who want to manage existing business venture or establish a new business in Australia.
2. Investor: this is for business owners who want to invest at least AUD $1,500,000 in Australian state and maintain business.
3. Significant Investor: this is for business owners who want to invest AUD$5,000,000 and maintain business.

start up visa

Understanding the Start-up Visa Canada

If you want to explore opportunities in Canada, you can consider the investment visa. You should meet the following criteria if you want to be considered:
1. You must be supported by a designated organisation. If the organisation decides to support your business, you will receive a letter of support.
2. You should meet the language requirements. The ability to communicate in French, English or both can benefit in your business endeavors in Canada. With this, you first need to take a language test from approved agencies. You must meet at least level 5 of the Canadian Language Benchmark in speaking, reading, listening and writing.
3. You should bring enough funds to settle especially if you have dependents.

These things take time. While waiting for the visa, you should continue the business.

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