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The Scariest Places in the Old School Runescape Game

Playing Old School Runescape (OSRS) is fascinating and that is why people from different parts of the world show interest in playing this game. In this virtual game, a lot of things are there to be explored. As a gamer you would be immensely fascinated on various gaming options as well as game play scenario. The most interesting thing is to come across the scariest places in this game. There are, in fact, quite a few scary or eerie places in OSRS. In the following section, we shall find a few of those places. To make advancement to these stages, you need to have gold currency. If you have limited gold, you can try to buy old school runescape gold online.

Misthalin Mystery

This is one of the weirdest stages in this game, featuring a murder mystery story background. Gamer shall be taken to a scary as well as creepy island. The background music should be appreciated for setting up the creepy feeling with this stage. The island is full of surprises. There will be a lot of unusual things. If you have not played it, you have properly missed one of the best yet scariest stages of OSRS.

Tolna’s Rift

Tona’s Rift is one of the well-known stages of this game and gamers would simply agree on that fact that the stage is quite eerie. A lot of unusual things will happen and you shall meet a lot of creepy things during this game play mode. Keeping patience is necessary to overcome this tough stage. You need to make expenses of gold currency heavily to buy things to surpass this stage. If you do not have adequate gold currency, you can buy old school runescape gold online.

Camp Sapphire Lagoon

This is a new stage with this game. The stage offers mystery, challenge and fun. This stage can be recognized as a scary stage, as it comes with many unusual things. Along with that the creepy background music will also set the right tone of scare or fear or mystery. So, try this stage of Old School Runescape and get amused.

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