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Why didn’t you get this job? Some main reasons

Many different factors influence success or failure when looking for a job. It is almost impossible to predict the reasons for rejecting an application if you do not receive feedback from the recruiter.  So why didn’t I get a job?. If you have not been informed about the reasons for refusal, please refer to the list of possible reasons for rejecting your CV check on

Your CV did not attract the recruiter’s attention

In order for you to be noticed in a competitive job market, your resume must stand out from hundreds or thousands of others. Even if you have extensive professional experience in your CV, you still need to make your résumé catch the recruiter’s attention. A good CV presents skills and experience tailored to the job description in a clear and concise form Main webpage

IT guy resumesYour cover letter was not convincing

If the employer has received a large number of responses to his job offer, he must narrow down the group of candidates by eliminating those who have not sufficiently justified the reason for applying for a given position. A well-written cover letter is important when applying for a job just below your qualifications. You can mention in it that you want to deepen your experience in a specific industry or sector. An unclear justification for the motivation to work may lead the recruiter to reject your CV.

You couldn’t show what you could do

Consider how you presented your competences, knowledge, and experience during the interview. Did you gather information about the company where you are applying for a job before meeting with the recruiter? During the interview, did you properly highlight your skills that may be useful in the position you are applying for? To prepare well for the recruitment interview, develop strong examples of your professional achievements that illustrate your competences.

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