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Bitcoin in practice

To drive or take delivery of bitcoins, you will require a digital wallet. You will have to choose between two types of solutions. Either you do not trust anyone, which is in the spirit of bitcoin, in which case you install a small free application on your machine. You will then be responsible for ensuring the security of your wallet. Either you decide to trust your online provider who claims to take charge of securing your digital nest egg. In both cases, however: zero formality! The software  bitcoin price today  (or online service) then assigns you a first address in the form of a public alphanumeric key that does not reveal your identity but is the equivalent of a Temporary RIB.

Bitcoin in practice

Acquire bitcoins (BTC); two solutions are available to you

Either you have your first bitcoins sent to you by someone who already has them, by sending them your public key. Against your first bitcoin In a few clicks, alpaca socks, iPads will be yours.

Perhaps a question is bothering you. But why would  bitcoin price today have value? The answer is the same as for any other currency. What gives them value is the confidence we can have in being able to exchange them with a growing community.

For geeks only! – how does bitcoin work?

Understanding the details of the bitcoin protocol requires advanced knowledge of cryptography and distributed processing. Consequently, we will have to be satisfied here with a simple sketch, and we will suppose besides known to the reader the basics of public-key cryptography.

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