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What is the electronic prescription?

The electronic prescription allows the health professionals of the Health Service to send directly and immediately to the pharmacies, through a  secure computer system , prescriptions for medicines and health products that require a prescription for dispensing.

It is only necessary to identify the patient with his health card to pick up the medication at  any pharmacy in the national territory. You can also activate your  virtual health card  in the mobile application electronic signature capture for pharmacies and use it to collect medication.

The electronic prescription is the official form of prescription in many places. It allows all the doctors who treat you to  see updated your treatment  and the containers that have been dispensed in the pharmacy .

All medicines and health products that require a medical prescription can be prescribed by electronic  prescription, including those that are not financed, magisterial formulas and products that require a visa.

Cost reduction

As known, the digitization of companies in the pharmaceutical sector entails many benefits, but one factor that we have not yet assessed is the cost of this transformation.  Thus, another the advantages that digitization brings to the pharmaceutical sector is directly related to the budget and, therefore, to cost reduction.

Through the use of technology, a cut in spending is obtained, thanks to the rationalization of work and the reduction of time and money dedicated to maintenance. There are ways which could save between 10% and 25% in clinical tests, by increasing efficiency thanks to digitization.

electronic signature capture for pharmacies

 The implementation of the electronic signature made it possible to redesign a managed process and  physically towards a 100% digital process, thinking at all times, in respect of data protection regulations, so important for pharmaceutical practice.

 It is essential that they offer with their products is not hampered by office problems or outdated processes, since improving the experience of employees and customers is reflected in the satisfaction of both, and all this goes through digitization.

Know what are medications of the prescription

Medications that are delivered at the hospital pharmacy or are administered during hospital admission , which requires forms other than the official medical prescription for their prescription, are not included in the electronic  prescription  .

Nor are foreign medicines  requested through the  Foreign Medicines Supply Section included in the electronic prescription  .

Hyposensitizing preparations vaccines for allergies cannot be included either.

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