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Long term car rental advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of long-term car rental is convenience because all or almost all the expenses to be faced are included in a single monthly fee.

There are data to show how the long-term car rental formula is increasingly appreciated in Italy and not only by companies but also for individuals with a long-term rental in advance or without this year should grow even more than this year car rental singapore

If originally the advantages were sought only and exclusively from the fiscal point of view, the inclusion of new services make this formula more and more interesting. Not to mention that in order to evaluate whether long-term car rental is convenient, we also take into account the options without advance payment as well as the offers that are renewed over time. In a nutshell, this formula provides for the payment of a monthly fee for the entire duration of the contract and the cutting of all expenses by the driver, with the exception of those relating to fuel. At the end of the car rental period, the possibility is twofold: to renew the contract for another period of time or to switch to another car, even on the basis of different conditions.

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Long term car rental benefits

The main advantage of long-term car rental is convenience because a series of services are included in a single monthly fee, that is a lot or all the expenses to be faced, from the payment of the car tax to the insurance (often and gladly in addition to the compulsory car liability insurance coverage for theft and fire is also included), from coupons to overhauls, from tire change for summer and winter and vice versa to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

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