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golf clubs in Pensacola

Golf club – Read this out before gaming

Are you starting to play golf? You are into the right place where you can learn about golf terms and the play rules. If you are new to the game, then you should stop by any golf course to learn this sport. This article will help in learning few concepts about the golf course and the club. Club is the term that is actually misunderstood many times. Ancient time golf game was referred to as club. So people in general refer golf club as the place where they play. After becoming a player, you will understand the term club as the stick that is used to swing. Like this, there are various terms in golf that you should get familiar before starting your game.

Golf termsgolf clubs in Pensacola

Beginners guide will not be complete without explaining the golf terms and the importance.

  • Golf tee – The wooden peg above the ground level where your golf ball is placed. It the place where you start swinging the ball.
  • Fairway – Area in the golf course where the gaming is carried out.
  • Green – It is the place where soft smooth and plush ground surrounding the hole.
  • Rough – It is the wild area on either side of green fairway. It is filled with trees and grasses.
  • Bunker – This place is the sand filled ditch where your ball movement will be bunked.
  • Hazard – This is usually streams, pounds, bunkers and trees. Usually this term refers to everything that comes between the tee and the golf hole.
  • Stroke – Swing made with club to hit the ball. Strokes are kept on track to count the score.
  • Par – Standard number of strokes to get the ball into the hole.
  • Scoring
    • Ace – A hole in one stroke
    • Eagle – Two strokes within par
    • Birdie – A stroke under par which is sometimes referred to as double eagle.
    • Bogey – One stroke added with par
    • Double bogey – Two strokes above par
    • Triple bogey – Three strokes above par

BY understanding these terms, you will gain some knowledge regarding golf clubs in Pensacola. This is the place where people get in to spend a quality time. With two or three golfing activity, you will become a professional gamer. Golf has a lot if official and unofficial rules. These rules will vary from one golf course to other. Even you can draw few rules when playing with friends.

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