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Studio Ghibli- entertaining people worldwide

Studio Ghibli is a well known Japanese film studio that is known all over the world for producing some of the finest and best anime films. This company is also known for the numerous amount of short films, television commercials and other television films that it has produced or created. Some of the highest grossing anime films have been produced by this production house. A job with this film studio is like a dream come true for many, obviously, which requires great hard work and patience for it to come true. A large number of designers, artists and other technicians are involved in the production of an anime film. The entire process of production involves many sleepless nights and the efforts and sacrifices of the technicians are praise worthy.

What is anime?

Anime is a common form of animation which may be hand drawn or produced with the help of computer software. The term anime literally means animation. The important features of anime are as follows

  • Although anime films focus on various genres, anime itself is considered as a separate genre nowadays.
  • It originally began as a theatrical viewing.
  • Original net anime is a form of anime that is released by the production houses online over the internet. This is done in order to make the best use of the growing popularity of the internet.
  • Although most of the anime films are in Japanese, dubbed versions are also available nowadays. Subtitles may also be provided in some cases so that people from different parts of the world can understand the content in the films.
  • Story boarding, cel production, voice acting and character design are the different animation techniques that are used.

Anime films have been entertaining different generations for several years now. The industry has greatly flourished and has come a long way. Studio Ghibli is largely responsible for this. The reach of anime is slowly increasing like the branch of a banyan tree that slowly spreads itself. It is considered as a money making industry nowadays. Many students are taking up animation as a subject in college mainly to fetch jobs in this field.

Creativity and imagination are two skills that one ought to possess in order to succeed in the field of anime film production. The profit margin in film making is also very high. A good story, real like animation and an amazing background score are the main ingredients for an entertainment packed anime film.

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